Affording Interior Window Shutters on a Budget

custom-wood-shutters-torontoMany Toronto area homeowners are on a budget when it comes to home improvement projects. That’s true whether they are thinking about remodeling the kitchen, redoing their bathroom, improving the curb appeal, or considering window treatments like shutters.

When a homeowner decides that he or she is going to choose interior shutters for their window treatments, they will quickly realize that this is a bit more significant an investment than drapes or blinds. The reason is because they are built to last, are versatile, and will make the entire home look much more comfortable and appealing.

There are things that you can do to help you afford interior wood shutters on a budget.

Avoid vinyl shutters.

The first temptation might be to choose vinyl over wood for your interior shutters. Avoid this trap. You might save some money, but once those shutters are installed, you’ll begin to realize the limitations of vinyl. It’s just not worth it.

Focus on a few rooms at a time.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can focus on a couple of rooms to begin with, rather than the entire home. Just because you already know that you’re going to want shutters in every room, that doesn’t mean it has to happen all at once.

Be reasonable and look to have shutters installed in the living room, dining room, and maybe the master bedroom to begin with. Once you have comfortably paid for them, focus next on a couple of other rooms.

This might impact the overall cost of installation (having an installer come to your home a few times rather than once), but spread out over the course of a year or however long it will take you to build up that budget should help.

If you have any questions about financing or other options to help you afford the best shutters for your Toronto home, contact Canada Custom Shutters today.

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