A Common Mistake Made when Shopping for Shutters

dollar signOne of the most common mistakes that people make when shopping for shutters for their home –either interior or exterior- is that they focus on the cost first. Few people will readily admit that they don’t mind throwing money away, so we tend to shop around to get an idea on price before we begin to look into quality, features, and durability.

This is often true when it comes to shutters for the home.

You are going to save money by shopping for vinyl window shutters over wood shutters. That’s a simple fact. Vinyl shutters are molded in a factory, poured and pressed, and they may be designed to look like wood shutters, but up close they offer little resemblance to wood interior or exterior shutters.

Vinyl shutters also come in a variety of colors, but they aren’t intended to be repainted. The paint will last for a long time, even under the harshest of conditions, and the better vinyl window shutters will avoid warping that is commonly found in cheaper brands.

Some vinyl shutters will be fully functional, but most of merely cosmetic for aesthetic purposes; they won’t open or close.

Wood shutters, on the other hand, are constructed piece by piece, put together with precision and unpainted when they are build. This allows the homeowner to choose the precise color that they want for their home.

Wood shutters also tend to be much more durable and refined, adding character to any window or room in the home. They are generally fully functional, which means you could open or close them to control light and air flow into and out of the house.

Wood interior and exterior shutters do cost more, but they are going to add value to your home. So if you’ve been considering interior shutters for your home, look around without consideration on price first. Look for quality and what different shutters could do to add value to your home.

This will give you a better sense, and perhaps more ideas, about what’s available. If you still end up choosing vinyl, inexpensive shutters, that’s fine, as long as you expose yourself to all options from the beginning.

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