Lower Your Heating Bills with Interior Shutters: Yes, You Read That Right!

save on your heating billDuring the winter is when the majority of people focus on trying to find ways to save money, especially on their home heating bills. They may look to alternative fuel options, cheaper solutions, cutting their thermostat down to a lower temperature, and much more. They can also look at replacing their old, outdated, drafty windows and doors, but that is often considered a significant expense and may not be practical for some families in the heart of winter’s chill.

There is a solution that can help lower heating bills, at least to some degree that won’t require the kind of investment that replacement windows carries. This would be installing interior natural wood shutters over each window throughout your home.

How Shutters Insulate the Home

When people hear that interior wood shutters can actually provide more energy efficiency for their home, they are generally pretty skeptical. Think about this, though: when you head down to your local hardware store and pick up that thin plastic insulation to place over your windows during the winter season, just consider how thin and flimsy the plastic actually is. Most people who have used this type of window covering at some time or another in their life will admit it is effective, to a degree.

That’s because even a thin layer of extra insulation can be incredibly beneficial at keeping cold air from penetrating into the home. Now think about what solid, natural wood shutters can do for your Toronto home.

Even though the cold air will still be pressing in through the windows to some degree, having the shutters closed, especially at night, can help to prevent that cold air from penetrating deeper into your home, subsequently lowering the temperature throughout your house and requiring your furnace to kick on more frequently.

Not only will you be able to save some money on your heating expenses throughout the winter with interior wood shutters, you can also have a much more refined, elegant, and contemporary look to any room in your house.

If you want to learn more about the incredible benefits that interior wood shutters offer the average Toronto homeowner, contact Canada Custom Shutters today.

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