Vinyl vs. Wood Shutters: the Key Differences

Custom Wood ShuttersDeciding between wood and vinyl shutters for your home may come down to a matter of personal style, preference, or budget. There are some subtle as well as not-so-subtle differences with regard to wood and vinyl shutters and we list them here for your convenience.

Wood shutters offer a traditional look

Shutters were initially made from only wood. They had a purpose, which was to protect the windows of a home from storms and other potential damage.

Even though vinyl shutters are made to look like wood, with faux wood grain patterns often integrated into the surface, they simply don’t compare. Natural wood shutters have a simple and elegant look to them that vinyl can’t match.

Vinyl shutters are easier to maintain

Some homeowners would argue that vinyl shutters are easier to maintain. This is commonly due to the materials that they are made of. While dirt, dust, and other contaminants are going to attach to wood and vinyl in equal degrees, vinyl shutters won’t require the same level of care over the long-term, or life of the shutter.

This doesn’t necessarily make them better, though. Vinyl shutters can’t really be repainted properly, and the finish will fade over time. So while you can get away with less maintenance on those vinyl shutters, in time they will need to be replaced, whereas wood shutters will generally last much longer, as long as they are properly cared for.

Wood shutters are a bigger investment initially

One of the key attractions of vinyl shutters is cost. They cost less, on average, than wood shutters and this is a bonus for many homeowners who try to save money in the short-term.

However, the appearance of wood shutters, the elegance and timeless nature of these window coverings make them more attractive. They will enhance any room in the home and provide a warm atmosphere within the home.

Whether you are searching for wood or vinyl shutters, or you’re not even sure what material is best suited for your home, it’s good to begin by looking thoroughly into both.

Your home is the place where you unwind from the world and it should be, first and foremost, comfortable. Whether you choose wood or vinyl is a matter of personal preference and as long as you’re comfortable, that’s all that matters in the end.

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